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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Free to be Free

“Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom” (2 Corinthians 3:17).
Why do we as Christians sometimes allow a wall to grow in our lives? Why do we sometimes find ourselves unable to speak to those to whom we have previously shared our heart? The answer is simple. Something has happened. We might know what it is or we might not. Whatever the wall, we can't allow it to get bigger and stronger. The longer the time that passes, the more hardened it becomes and more difficult to pull down. We become paralyzed and unable to do anything. Where fear resides, the Holy Spirit is unable to move. The larger our wall, the harder it is to feel the presence of the Holy Spirit, much less the freedom He wishes to impart.

Do you feel that you are in this kind of bondage to your wall and to fear? God is still with you. He is still your God. Maybe you have allowed the wall to be bigger than your God. The best way to face your wall is to make the decision that it must come down. Pray for the Lord to come into this situation and take control. Pray for His guidance and freedom to talk to that person. He understands more of it than you ever will. He is the healer, and He knows what must take place.

Pray for His Spirit to crucify any selfishness you have or any preconceived idea. Come with an open heart and spirit to listen. Realize that no one is perfect. Only the Lord. Be honest, and speak your heart in His love. Ask for a heart softened by the Holy Spirit and be ready to admit it if you are the problem. Ask for forgiveness, and also return that forgiveness freely. Ask for a heart to understand what the other person wishes to say, and remember that where the Holy Spirit is there is freedom. There is an openness that the Holy Spirit blesses. If there is a wall between you and someone else, you can't take down that other person's wall, you can only take down your own. You can share in honesty, and pray that the Holy Spirit will help the other person to realize that you are truly sorry for whatever caused the division, and that you desire Him to rebuild your relationship with His healing presence.

Now what happens after you have made yourself vulnerable? After you have risked all to take the wall down? The Lord God himself comes to you, and speaks His peace to your heart. The wall which imprisoned you can be laid to rest. Hopefully and prayerfully, the other one will experience the love and freedom and healing of the Holy Spirit, too. But it not your place to bring healing. It is only your place to love and be open with the Holy Spirit living through you. And to love continually and always.

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