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Monday, January 6, 2014

In Intimacy Receive

Do you know that I yearn for those times that you just wait for me? I long for the moments that you long only to be with me. I long for an intimacy with you that your mind cannot even comprehend. When you are quiet with me, and rest in my presence, my peace fills your heart. Far too often you sacrifice your peace because of your need for answers. Intimacy with me is lost so many times because of your needs. Seek me first, and take in the joy of my presence. Be content for awhile and wait expectantly for me. I promise to meet with you. In this time of quiet fellowship, receive my spiritual power which will strengthen you to conquer the strongholds in your life. 

I may be the God who parted the Red Sea, but I am almost your Savior who knows every hair on your head. I impart that which is my heart's desire to you. Know me as your life. Know me as your heartbeat. Know me as your next breath. Life in me is radiant and filled with abundant joy. I refresh your life over and over with my living water. There is only joyful expectation and promise in what I have prepared for you. If you live in me, I will live in you. Heart to heart, and spirit to spirit, you will know me. I am your God. Your greatest friend. Your creator. Your healer. In this intimacy, ask the desire I place in your heart, and you will receive. 

Psalm 46:10, Isaiah 26:3, Psalm 27:14, Psalm 139, Hebrews 10:35-36, Matthew 7:7.

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