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Sunday, April 16, 2017

My Easter Promise

I am free, Lord, because you cared more about me than you cared about yourself. You died for me—for my ugliness and my sin. I am new Lord, because you walked out of your tomb resurrected and restored. Freed from all the bondage of my failures, I can also can walk out of my own tomb, resurrected and restored from all that has claimed my life. No more hiding because of my failures and sins and weaknesses—I leave the old me in the tomb. That person is no more. She is gone. I rejoice in your freedom. I soar in your healing. I bask in your love that knew no limits. Once, your love was something I could never grasp, but now it pulses within each beat of my heart. You are now all which was once beyond me. My Easter promise now lives within me.

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