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Friday, January 24, 2020

His Peace

Do you want to live your life of freedom in Jesus fully? Free from fears of the past, present, and future claiming your mind? If you are tired of the ever-constant cycle of fear and then an elusive peace and then fear again, Jesus promises you that the new life He died to give you brings His peace. And that peace is not one the world might temporarily offer or one that you can conjure up with your mind. The peace He died to give you is enduring and consistent. His peace is strong, unwavering, and unshakeable. Why is that? Because you know without a doubt, in the spirit of your mind, what His grace has purchased for you. You trust the complete and finished work of your Savior. You rest in Him—in His grace—in His freedom without worry and fear.  

“I am leaving you with a gift,” Jesus told His disciples the night before His crucifixion, “peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So don’t be troubled or afraid” (John 14:27, NLT). 

Many Christians don’t live in the freedom of His grace. They remain bound up in fear and just waiting for the next shoe to fall. The Holy Spirit transforms your mind to believe what you have received in Jesus. But you must allow Him to change the way you think through the revelation of the Word. Jesus told His disciples He was leaving them a gift. They did not understand at that moment that this gift of peace would come through the life of Jesus on the Cross. But we can grasp it now because the act of love that gives everlasting peace, has taken place.  

There is no lie of the enemy or any lie you have believed that overcomes His gift of peace. Jesus has the last Word. He has given you peace of mind and heart. But you allow the Holy Spirit to root out the lies. You allow the Holy Spirit to take captive any thoughts of fear. You choose to dwell on the truth of His life for yours. You will be renewed in your mind. The Holy Spirit will train your mind, and faith will grow stronger in His grace.

How sad to be free and not know it! Jesus died for you. Don’t be troubled or afraid. Don’t allow the news of the doctor to throw you. Don’t let the news of the world scare you. Jesus has already had the last Word. You are free.

Choose to live in His peace. Praise Him for His gift of peace! Give Him any thought that rises that is destructive or fearful. He is working wonders in your life! He restores your mind! Open your eyes to see Him move! Participate with Him!  Allow His peace to claim your soul. Dwell on His truth that is good and uplifting and freeing.

What is the one thing the world needs? The grace of Jesus. And you have received His grace. The peace that Jesus gives is not circumstantial—based on what is happening. His peace is based on what has already happened—on the Cross and in His tomb. You have His peace and new life.

Peace is His gift to you. It is real, and it changes your perspective of everything. Peace frees you to believe.

© 2020 Lynn Lacher

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