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Monday, July 14, 2014

An Unintentional Mistake

Have you ever made a mistake that you wish you could take back? It was not intentional, but something happened, and because of it another person may have been hurt. You immediately are concerned about any disillusionment which might come as a result. You hurt that you might have caused pain to someone else and hurt their faith.

I have discovered in my own imperfect Christian life that I sometimes make unintentional mistakes. I have asked for forgiveness, and have asked the Lord to protect anyone from my mistake. To some my mistake might not appear large, but to me, it does. I know the life of someone I love might be affected.

The enemy can tear you apart over something like this. He can throw a guilt trip on you that can keep you from moving on in your walk with the Lord. Once you ask for forgiveness move on, and allow the Lord to show what you need to do, and what you don't need to do. If you have truly turned this over to Him, He will guide you perfectly in how to handle your imperfect mistake.

I have made unintentional mistakes where the intention of my heart was actually to help or encourage someone else. I have stepped into situations when I have been unaware of other dynamics taking place. In my ignorance, I have fallen short of the “perfect” example that I believe God desires.

Now this is where I must really look at my heart. Am I more concerned about how someone I might have unintentionally hurt feels about me or am I more concerned about how my mistake hurts them? The focus must never be on me. If I am concerned about the appearance of being “perfect” all the time, the focus is on me. That is wrong! But if I realize that in my own imperfection, He alone perfects me, then I am free to honestly admit my mistake. I don't want another person to suffer or hurt in their Christian walk because of it. I am willing to admit what I have done and in admittance ask for forgiveness. Discovering freedom from the condemnation that the enemy brings to bear, I have God's forgiveness for a mistake that was never meant to happen.

Perhaps you have found yourself in such a situation. If you discover you have made an unintentional mistake that breaks your heart for someone you love, there is no condemnation in Jesus Christ. You are more than a conqueror in Him. Beth Moore puts it like this in “Praying God's Word”. “He who is unconvinced of God's love is unconvinced he is more than a conqueror.” In all I face I am more than a conqueror through Him who loved me and gave His life for me (Romans 8:37).

If we can repent and be forgiven for an intentional sin, then we are also forgiven for our unintentional mistakes.

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