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Friday, July 11, 2014

My Prayer Today

Dear Lord Jesus,

I don’t think I really lived before I knew you. I can remember not loving you, and the pain is too much. The thought that I once rejected you―that my actions everyday and that my life continually drove the nails into your hands brings such anguish to my heart. Thank you for forgiving me for those years. Don’t ever let me forget from where you have brought me, but don’t ever let the memory of that time pull me down. The emotional baggage is gone, in Jesus' name. 

Lord, Jesus, teach me your precepts so that I might walk in your perfect way–following the steps that you carefully lay before me. Open my eyes to the reason that I walk in them. Open my mind to understand the depth of my commitment. Open my ears to hear your still soft voice. I long for my eyes, ears, and mind to be blessed by your grace. I yearn for the humility of heart and soul that brings you pleasure. I am starved for your presence, and knowing you in the beauty of your sanctuary. Hold me safely in the safety of your abiding presence.

Heal all relationships in my life that need healing. Teach me that the healing in a relationship starts within a person that can be molded by the Holy Spirit. That should be me, Lord. I can’t change another person's heart, but I can forgive the one who hates me, Lord. I can pray for words to say that brings healing to a broken and hurting life. You can show me that one thing that will pull down the strongholds in a life–that one thing that can start your healing. Reveal to me my own strongholds so that I may not judge another for theirs.

Some are so hurt by those they love. They have been injured by painful actions or unnecessary words. Lord, Jesus, it is how I respond to those injuries that will bring healing or more division. It is how I pray–it is how I listen to your direction–it is about my will being open to your precious leading–that speaks life instead of death. You wish life for all! Not just for me! You wish salvation and healing for all your creation. How I respond to injury and pain caused by others, speaks what I really have inside my heart.

Lord Jesus, for all who suffer from pain caused by someone that they haven’t hurt, I ask for your eyes, ears, and understanding to see, hear, and know what you wish to reveal. Give them your forgiveness and love. For those who have hurt others, and asked forgiveness, and have not been able to mend those relationships, I ask for your love to be greater that the pain of their rejection. Lord, there is healing IN YOU and IN YOU alone.

Lord, I am on your altar this morning asking to me made over―giving you any pain caused by the one who has injured―giving you any bitterness that has taken root―giving you the rejection that pushes me away―giving you the wall I have erected to hold that relationship at bay. These things are all gone. I am open! I am free to walk in your spirit. I am free to be all you have called me to be. Where you spirit is, there is freedom!

Then I see healing! Then I see victory! Then I know and really understand the power of your sacrifice and resurrection. I wish the power of your word and your love to illuminate your heart within me. I pray it be one that draws those wounded to you. Today, I commit my heart to loving those whose hearts have been held in bondage. Today, I claim freedom for not only me, but also for them. Today, I will see miracles―if I will allow you to do the work you wish in me.

I pray that my life would always offer the kind of fast you call for in Isaiah of continual sacrifice. It is then and only then, that you can use me to be the restorer of broken lives. It is only when I come in true sacrificial fasting of heart and action which speak your love, that I can be used to bring healing.

Praise you, Jesus, for your power and love that gives me life today. Lead me through this day and use me to bring life to someone else. Lay out surely and clearly my road I must travel. Help me realize that although the road isn’t always easy, it is your life which brings freedom.

In Your Name,

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