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Friday, July 25, 2014

Without Delay

Without Delay

“I will hurry, without delay, to obey all your commands” (Psalm 119:60, NLT).

Today's verse from Biblegateway speaks to me this morning. How often, when instructed by the Lord, do I procrastinate or even become disobedient to His command? If the Lord instructs me to do something, He expects my obedience. If He speaks to my heart about an attitude, He expects my obedience to change that attitude. If He speaks to me about something in my life that is wrong, He expects my obedience to repent and stay away from it. He expects my obedience to live a righteous life that glorifies His name, but often I, like others, can find a reason not to listen. If I am not careful, the excuses will keep mounting to the point when my calloused heart no longer hears His voice. If I don't want to lose His close presence in my life, then I must allow Him to change me.

Obedience is not an option, and it does not just happen. It is born of deep commitment to God. It certainly calls for personal sacrifice. When it is born of sacrifice, obedience speaks of my willingness to submit to God’s desires instead of my own. Disobedience stems from pride. Longing for personal acceptance by others, it says “no” when the sacrifice involves humility. Often obedience contradicts the desires of my own heart. This is where obedience really begins–in my willingness to say “no” to me, and “yes” to God. When I put Him before everything else in my life, I discover the peace and joy found in surrender. Surrendering to the Lord's will reveals my respect for the cost of Jesus’ sacrifice, and goes where disobedience never will— into the very heart of God. This is where I can discover the fulfillment of a surrendered and obedient life.

The Lord yearns for you and for me to have an obedient heart—one that listens to the conviction and direction of the Holy Spirit and follows His will without argument. He longs to hear, “ I will obey, Lord, and, without delay, follow the direction you have for my life.” Are we pliable in His hands? Do we allow Him to mold our life or are we rigid and unyielding? To discover the fulfillment that a surrendered life offers, we make our life pliable in His unchanging hand. That sure and constant pressure brings forth a beauty of character that is unsurpassed and a life that knows His peace no matter what comes.

“I surrender, Lord, without delay.”

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