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Thursday, August 9, 2018

Here with Me

The door is open. Why can’t I enter? Why do I hesitate?  I know you are there and waiting. I know there is healing. I know there is freedom. I know there is joy. The door is narrow. I can’t carry all my baggage with me. I must lay it all down. My rights. My attitude. My needs. My desires. Your love calls from beyond the opening. Your promise draws my heart. So why do I resist?

“I am here,” You whisper. “Let go. Give me everything.” 

I drop all that weighs me down. I drop all that hinders. I move through the door to share my heart.

And then I know that in my grief you are—
In my heartbreak, you are—
In my turmoil, you are—
In my terror, you are—
In my distress, you are—
In my hardship, you are—
In my tears, you are—
In my failure, you are—
In my pardon, you are—
In my joy, you are—
In this moment, you are—
Here with me.
And I am free.

© 2018 Lynn Lacher

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