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Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Breathe in Me


For He remembered that they were but flesh,

A breath that passes away and does not come again.

—Psalm 78:39 (NLT)



         You remember that I am flesh—only a breath that passes away. But you made me, Lord. You breathed your life into me. I am your creation. Not my own. Yours. You have fashioned me for eternity!  I may be like a flower that is here today and gone tomorrow, but I am never gone from your presence. I am forever with you.


         You are the breath in my lungs and the heartbeat of my soul. You are my comfort and my joy—my peace and power. I remain strong in you. You have given me your mind and your words. I choose to speak your words. My words have no power. Your words are all-knowing and all-forgiving. Your words are grace. Let your breath in me speak hope and life and truth.


         While I am here, that is your call for me. You have bought me with the most perfect love. Always breathe in me. Be my words, and be my heart. Often, we speak death in the thoughts we allow—in the decisions we make—in the forgiveness we withhold. Lord, make me aware. Keep me soft, malleable, and yielding. Speak your truth and life through me.


         You live in this body that will one day die, Lord. But my soul is forever alive in you. You have called me with your everlasting love. Fill me continually to fulfill the joy of my calling to share your grace. Lord, I pray for your wisdom and for Holy Spirit-breathed revelation. Teach me the heights of your Word. Breathe into my life. And claim me as your emissary of grace.


         In this world, I am but a breath that passes away and never comes again. My time here is never enough to breathe your grace. But in the time that I have, I shall tell of your love that has taken my breath and given me your own. I shall write of your grace that breathes new life into lungs starved for the life of your heart.


         All my life you have been faithful and so good to me. With every breath, I will share your goodness, Lord. Let everything that has breath praise you, faithful God!  


         Jesus breathed on them and said, “Receive the Holy Spirit.” (John 20:22, NLT).


         Breathe in me, Holy Spirit.


©200 Lynn Lacher

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