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Thursday, July 6, 2017

After His Own Heart

The Lord chose David, a shepherd boy, to be King. God referred to David as a man after His own heart. And then the man after God’s own heart committed adultery and murder. Has it ever bothered you that God would choose someone capable of such horrid sin?  I don’t know why it should. He chose you in your brokenness and sin to be His son or daughter—to love you with an everlasting love. If you identify with Uriah, identify with Uriah’s love for the one who betrayed him. Uriah loved his master enough to deny his own feelings, and honor his master instead of laying with his wife. Jesus loved His Father enough to deny His own feelings, and honor Him by laying down His own life.

The people God chooses for His purpose are broken just like you and me. We will always have trouble recognizing what God sees in another person’s heart until we are forgiven for the sin that resides in our own. “Humans do not see what I see,the Lord told Samuel, “for humans see what is visible, but I see the heart” (1 Samuel 16:7).

Without reserve and honoring His Father, Jesus denied His own feelings and lay down His life so you can experience forgiveness and also forgive. As long as you stand in judgment, you will never know the love that looks beyond your broken life and loves you anyway. It is not your place to judge David or anyone else’s heart. It is time for you to realize what God has for your own.

©2017 Lynn Lacher

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