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Monday, July 3, 2017


The love of God reaches farther than pen can ever tell, the old hymn declares. There are not enough words to describe His love. A scroll might span the heavens, but could never contain the whole of His love in words. So why do I even attempt to write about His love? Because it helps me remember that nothing is about me. It’s all about Him.
God's love is the only constant reality. He says, “I love you even though you have decided you don't love me. I love you even though you have cheapened my grace, and turned away from my love which died for you. I forgive you even though you cannot forgive another. I love you in your sin. I died for that sin which separates you from my love. I died so you might be set free. I gave everything for you to know my love. For you to discover faith in the midst of fear. For you to discover joy in the midst of pain. For you to know that even though your love should not be about you, my love was all about you.”
His love was all about me. My love should be all about others. He gave everything for me. My love should honor His sacrifice, and be about the needs, hurts, and pain of others. It is not about what I might want or think I need. It is not about my hurt feelings, but about forgiveness. It is not about my pain, but it is about the pain of someone else. It is not about what I want, but about the needs of another. It is in giving His love away that I discover the depth of His love for me. If I honor the depth of His sacrifice and love for me, I will be His hands. I will reach out to others and share His love.
            One day I will stand before the Lord who gave everything for me. In that one moment the love I gave on earth will face the love of God in its revealing clarity. It will no longer be just a reflection. I will, in that moment, know if it was enough.
©2017 Lynn Lacher

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