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Friday, July 28, 2017

When my way seems too hard, Lord, it really isn't. You are with me. When my load feels too heavy, it’s not. You carry it. When my heart feels like it’s breaking into pieces, it isn't. You are molding me. When I feel overwhelmed by the pressures of life, I'm really not. I'm at rest in you. You keep me in perfect peace when I trust in you—when all of my thoughts are fixed upon you. Letting go of who I have always believed myself to be, I reach for who you have created me to be. Starved for lasting joy and peace, I’m now ready to reach for the life and purpose you have chosen for me. Moving to the edge of what I have never had the courage to allow, I launch into the depths of what has been my uncertainty. One breath and one moment at a time you form me; you fire me; you fill me.”
Are you ready for these depths? Are you tired of wondering why you aren’t moved by the wind of His Spirit? Are you exhausted from lasting change that has eluded you? Form Me, Fire Me, Fill Me invites you on a daily devotional journey of surrender and abundant fulfillment. It is one that implores you to reach beyond the words you have read and discover God’s healing purpose for your life.

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