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Thursday, April 24, 2014

His Love Perfected in Me

There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear” (1 John 4:18a).

There is a perfect love which conquers fear, and brings faith in God's faithfulness to overcome it. What is this perfect love? It is the love of God who gave His son, Jesus Christ, for me. If that is beyond my human capacity to understand, it is suppose to be. I can't understand such a perfect love with my mind. It is useless to try to analyze it. My mind can't comprehend this depth of sacrificial love, but my heart and soul can receive it.

The only way to receive this perfect love that conquers fear is to allow Christ into my heart. He loved me enough to die for my sin so I might be set free from its control over me. He, who was perfect and knew so sin, became sin, so it might be crucified forever it my life... so I might receive His perfect love.

Fear can only be defeated with His perfect love living in me. When I let go of what is imperfect in me, I receive His love which washes away all that I have been so I may receive all that He is. With His perfect love in my life continually changing me, His love becomes more perfected in me. It stirs greater faith to conquer any fear. 

God's perfect love drives away fear, and sets me free. He will keep me in His perfect peace and love, when my mind remains on him instead of any circumstance (Isaiah 26:3). I rejoice in the promise that His perfect love drives out all fear. It will....when His love is perfected in me. That is my promise and that is my be perfected by the Lord who gave all of himself for me.

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