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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Make His Choice

Is there something in your life you know is not a good choice? Perhaps you know that there is something the Lord wishes you to give up or change. You have felt His conviction. Some days His nudge has been more acute. Other days you have willingly shut out His voice. 

Today you hear His voice again, and you face the choice. What keeps you from choosing what you know is right? Do you believe that you do not have the strength to keep it? You are not meant to have that strength within yourself. He doesn’t expect you to have it. He alone has the strength for you to keep your good choice, and He has the way for you to receive His strength. That strength comes through surrender to His will when you decide to make His good choice.

If the fear of failure keeps you from “letting go and letting God”, then you might be focusing on being perfect instead of taking a step at a time. Living for Christ is a daily choice. Make that good choice each day. Daily ask for His strength. Ask for His forgiveness if you slip.. If He knows that your heart's desire is to follow through on that good choice, His conviction will offer hope, and not condemnation. Each day commit your choice; surrender your will, your mind, and your heart to His will, and you shall daily receive what you need to live your good choice.

Sacrifice what you know is wrong in your life. Let Him crucify it in you. The Lord who calls you to make that good choice is faithful, and will provide ALL you need to be successful (I Thessalonians 5:24). Make His choice, and choose His life.

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