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Friday, May 9, 2014

He's at the Edge

At some point in your life, you will face a cliff. You will be driven right to the edge of a terrifying precipice which appears to offer no way of escape. What you see with your eyes or hear with your ears are not necessarily what is true. Appearances are often deceptive. However, at the moment you face your cliff, what you see or hear is very real to you. There is a cliff right before you, and behind you there are forces that hold you at the edge. That cliff is your Red Sea. It may be something harder than you ever imagined. There may appear to be no way through it or around it. But it only appears you have no hope. Just as the Lord parted the Red Sea for His people, He will part the Red Sea for you. You have a choice whether or not to believe in the faithfulness of God.

Moses never failed in trusting God. With the sea in front of him and the Egyptians advancing from behind, He stood at the very edge of what appeared to be sure destruction. There was no visible escape. There was nothing but faith in the Lord who had brought him to this place. Moses had done all he could do, and now it was for time for God to act. Moses waited for God to make a way, but he had to go to the very edge of the Red Sea.

When faced with your Red Sea, do you pull back from the edge? Do you believe that there is no way to go further, and you give up? Perhaps you see your Red Sea rising in the distance, and you turn from its imposing presence. You don't want to face it. You would rather avoid it. But the army of life presses you closer. You are pushed as far as you can goright up to the very edge of your cliff. You can sit on that edge for the rest of your life with fear tearing you apart, or you can decide to trust God and take a leap of faith into His arms. God will handle the Red Sea. He is also ready to catch you when you step off the edge of that cliff. Faith lets go of all that seems real and accepts what it cannot see.

What will you do when your Red Sea is ahead? Will you go to the the very edge and wait for God to part the water? If you do not go to the very edge, and take that leap of faith, you will miss the miss the power of God to save. By faith you can go to the very edge. It is not only the edge of your Red Sea; it is the edge of yourself. Believing, trusting, and knowing the waters will part, you can go forward through what otherwise might have destroyed you. You can take a leap off that cliff believing He will keep you from hitting the bottom. He is at the edge. You can find Him there.

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