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Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Let Go and Let God


But each day the Lord pours his unfailing love upon me, and through each night I sing his songs, praying to God who gives me life.

—Psalm 42:8 (NLT)



His Grace speaks life to my soul. His Word quietens my mind. I hear His voice encouraging me to trust Him. Jesus not only knows my need. He has already provided the answer for it. Each day He showers me with His unshakable and unfailing love. Jesus promises peace springing from growing faith. When I trust and believe, I rest and receive.


Do you rest in Him? Let go of doing. Let go of fixing. Let go of your agenda. Let go of analyzing and asking why. Just “be” in Him. Stay still. Quit planning your next effort. Listen. The Holy Spirit always speaks, but doing and fixing and planning keep you from hearing Him.


When you let go, Jesus renews your strength. You know He is God. He guides and empowers. He does the work. He fixes the problem. He plans the next move. The Holy Spirit carries and sustains you. The wind of His Spirit is relentless, never wavering or faltering. Jesus empowers what He has birthed in you. Without Him, you will experience stress and stumble in any attempt. He created you to rise on the wind like an eagle. The strength He supplies is your power, and you cannot soar without it.


Praise Him for His faithfulness and promises! Sing praises to the Lord, who died to give you His new life filled with righteousness and peace! Pray, believing that you will receive His perfect answer for your need. Stop your racing thoughts. Give your worries to the Lord until His peace claims you and His strength becomes your own. Never attempt anything without Him. Let your time of respite be one where the Spirit renews your mind. You shall experience His consistent peace and His constant strength to carry you. When you accept that without Him you can do nothing, you surrender to the power He supplies.


You want to be free of the stress and fear of not pleasing Him? Quit trying to do what you think needs to take place. Let the Holy Spirit guide and empower you. Just let Him.


©2020 Lynn Lacher

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