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Thursday, July 23, 2020

The Goodness of God

Yet I am confident I will see the Lord’s goodness

while I am here in the land of the living.

Wait patiently for the Lord.

Be brave and courageous.

Yes, wait patiently for the Lord.

—Psalm 27:13-14 (NLT)



Unlike us, God never changes. He is the same at every moment. God never stretches the truth like we do. He has no need to justify His Word or himself. If goodness is left up to us, it has no worth. When we become burned out with our failure to do good, one of two things happen. We end up miserably defeated by our lack of ability, or we end up surrendered in God's arms.


The Holy Spirit gives us God's goodness, so we might turn from the sin we long to justify. He takes away our need to be presented in a good light. We know that of ourselves, we offer no goodness. But in Him, we realize and receive His goodness that forgives and washes away sin. And in Him, we have the assurance that He makes all things right. The need to prove that we are right is gone. Honesty builds His good character within us and gives us the confidence to trust God.


The good things we long to see from God become more apparent when we surrender to His goodness instead of our lack of it. Our eyes suddenly open to the goodness we have already received, and with that positive change, we confidently believe we shall experience more. We have the assurance what God says is true. We wait patiently for Him, knowing that He shall move in His perfect time. When we get discouraged, God says, “Be brave and strong, and continue to wait patiently—not complaining but trusting me.”


There are a lot of God’s children who desperately want to see His goodness in their lives right now. They know heaven is their promise, but life can be depressing and exhausting. An unseen virus is raging. Some live and others die from it. Our country is in turmoil and confusion. Fear of what is going to happen next creates doubt in the minds of many people.


I have no power within myself to be good or to experience God’s goodness. But in His atonement and power, I'm cured of sin and sickness. I recognize His goodness in my life and believe for more! Hypertension that once required blood pressure medication is now gone. I have a mental picture of what my healing looks like, and I hold on to it with faith. And faith reveals the reality of what I hope for! It is proof of what I can't see. With all the unknown in our world right now, I remember God's goodness throughout the years. I hold on to the picture in my mind of good times again with family, worshiping with my friends, and sharing one-on-one with people God brings into my life. I know I have the promise of heaven, but He assures me of abundant life now. 


What has God promised you?  Faith is the assurance of the good things you hope for. Your assurance is your guarantee of ownership. It is the evidence of things you don't see and the confirmation of their reality. Hope paints a picture inside of your heart. You visualize your promise, and you believe.


If you long to see God’s goodness, allow it to mold your life. Recognize the goodness that you have already received, and praise Him for the goodness to come. You will rest in the expectation of your promise. Be confident in Him. You have seen the goodness of the Lord in this life, and you shall see so much more.


©2020 Lynn Lacher


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